Sunday, October 13, 2013

2 years of normal life

7 Oct 2013 marked my 2nd year post stem cell transplant, and 2 yrs of CLL free life.

I am very blessed to be still alive. Have not been updating and hope whoever has been reading my blog will not think I am gone. I am not! Haha I am still here and enjoying normal life as a normal young adult!

To those that are still fighting CLL, please believe that there can be life after CLL. SCT may be scary and it could almost be a 50/50 chance with GvHD and the possibility of CLL relapsing. But it was the best decision I had ever made so far and I am glad I went through with the transplant, even though at that point of time I knew there could be a chance I won't make it. But I did and I am really grateful for the new lease of life.

So to all of you out there fighting cancer, do not give up. Be positive, live strong and have faith!


At 8:46 AM , Blogger Lindsey Caldwell said...

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